bio I am very pleased to work for my passion. My design purposes to ensure clear communicate of its connoted messages. Secondary, in the visually most appearing way possible. I listen to the concept, set the course, (spell-check,) and let it fly.

Born in Japan, I developed traditional appreciation toward nature through transition of dramatic four seasons where many inspirations originate to me. In the mean time, my typographic interest was rooted in taking years of lessons on Japanese brush calligraphy in my childhood.

While learning art, design, and English at colleges in Los Angeles and San Diego, California, U.S., I happened to meet a number of highly creative and inspiring people. Most of my development so far is owed to their presence. (Some are accessible.) Currently, I work in Los Angeles as a full-time corporate in-house designer.

My long-term goal is to work for creativity beyond boundaries while helping innovations and good causes. I believe in universality of visual language and its possitive vector, much more so in our age. My typical day starts with an hot anticipation to new design about to born and ends with calm appreciation for those who keep my designer's life possible.